The Real Art Of The Deal

Listen. I was never a George Bush fan.

Probably even called him a nasty name or two.

Thought he was incompetent and way too conservative.

Oh, but that was then, this is now.


What I’ve come to see is this – perspective matters.

And no matter what I may have believed about his politics,

it was ever so apparent that he loved his country.

That was true in the heat of the then

that I can see so much more clearly now


Today I stopped by the library

found myself standing face to face with history

holding George’s portraits of courage

a commander in chief’s tribute

to America’s warriors

painstakingly rendered in oil

with eyes that capture the soul

and the still beating heart of the brave


Page by page, so clearly illuminated

in living color and contrasting hues

is a love pure and simple and honest –

true reflection of all that’s at stake,

so much truer now than it ever was then.

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This is Who We Are, This is What We Do (In honor of President Rene Matsumoto)


Rotarians are

committed to

the neighborhood,

the common good

one worldwide brotherhood

of friends

who tend to lead with heart

and selfless stewardship

one million members strong,

a community of public servants

fighting to right the social wrongs


Their shared humanity calls them

to be agents of selfless love

curing apathy with knowledge

and disease with good health care;

you’ll find behind each problem solved,

a Rotarian standing there


Dedicated difference makers  

and champions of goodwill

fill needs that need to be filled,

passionate peacemakers and action takers

respond to the same common goal

of following Rotary’s mission

to make the whole world whole

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This Flag is a Mirror

IMG_1825Beneath these spacious skies and Diablo’s majestic face

We’re called to give thanks on this day of days

For our forbearers’ fortitude, their refusal to be held hostage to tyranny

And their call to create something bold and right, new and true

Sweet land of liberty


In the beginning, they swore their allegiance to this flag

The one that waves high and proud above us all

A silent reminder of the hard-won fight

For independence and the freedom to live and love in peace

Inherited through their commitment and courage

To care for one another, our greatest hope


It is our right, it is our duty, it is our absolute honor

To stay involved and connected to the future unfolding before us

We hold these truths to be self-evident that

We are called, today and every day

To pause and remember, to see ourselves and our history reflected in the stars and stripes

To keep up the fight for equality

And the unalienable pursuit of liberty and justice for all

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Still Life

Someone is washing my feet

Clipping my nails

Head down, steady in her work


Outside, a couple sit together as one

Backs to the sun

Remembering the life they left behind


Shoulder to shoulder

In sari and ski hat

Carrying their culture together


Sunday, still life

From here to there

From there to here

All of us held

For one silent moment in time

(inspired by a story told by Cathy G.)

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He would have turned 90 today, had he lived another year

His body, tinned ashes   

buried beneath a tree, close to home

soothed now by wind

and swooping soaring birds


We called him birdmanmac

forever trying to outsmart squirrels

who hung from feeders, unafraid


One winter a hawk landed in the pear tree outside his window

sat there staring steadily for hours

brothers in the fight against the enemy


today we drove to see an eagle’s nest

perched atop a redwood

watched the birds puff and preen

high above this hallowed ground

a fitting tribute to a proud and mighty man

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The doors open

like butterfly wings

signaling change


new life emerging from the inside out


renovation, variation, transformation, growth

this space repainted in butterfly colors

repurposed in a delicate dance

between the practical and the fanciful

where learning can take flight, ideas can soar


San Ramon Library

new again, now again

built upon

community passion and spirit

emerging strong and beautiful

open and alive

with wonder

(poem written in honor of the grand reopening of the San Ramon Library, April 15, 2017)

“The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library.”  Einstein

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Still life, winter

We woke to rain again

a steady drumbeat

turning oil-black night to lead-grey daybreak

no light no sun

still, a day to be had, a life to lead

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