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Salon Blues

She’s praying for a miracle Or maybe two And the light in her eyes has grown dark Speaking poetry and humming, she washes my hair The hours are long, her faith is waning So she talks babies and better days While … Continue reading

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While the Baby Sleeps

Orange cup without a handle steeping afternoon tea a bit of peace and quiet time holds this day without a plan or another place to be

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Two geese stood in the field Still as statues One morning, long ago And there I stood Transfixed Watching Motionless too   This moment lives within me still Still it lives within me

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Not yet two He pushes the lawn mower back and forth, back and forth Just like his daddy Stands with one foot propped against the fence Pounding invisible nails with a red plastic hammer Studying the world outside

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What does it mean to be holy? To believe? To practice sacrifice and kindness? To live in light and grace?

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Sky, the color of steel, More winter than spring Releases a torrent of rain To pound on the roof And remind me Of sorrows past   Rain pounding on the roof And I am all alone

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Pre-season In the topmost seats of the stadium nestled under a blanket in the dark We watch and wait A crack of the bat sends Posey’s ball over the fence while the blood moon rests atop the flashing scoreboard And … Continue reading

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