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Kathy Moore’s passion is literacy, and she serves as a mentor teacher and staff developer throughout the greater Bay Area. Kathy is the City of San Ramon's Poet Laureate; she also teaches poetry writing workshops and is an instructor in the Master of Arts in Teacher Leadership (MATL) program at St. Mary’s College of California. She was honored as SRVUSD Teacher of the Year in 2007 and San Ramon Chamber of Commerce Educator of the Year in 2009. Kathy holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership for Social Justice from California State University, East Bay, an M.A. in Teacher Leadership from St. Mary’s and a B.A. in English Education from SUNY Albany. She and Bob Moore are the proud parents of four beautiful grown daughters, and the smitten grandparents of two beautiful boys.

Storm Warning

The birds understand how today the sky is a thick grey blanket rippling in slow waves releasing the unmistakable smell of about to rain   they were here this morning among the roses regaling with their sunshine songs until they … Continue reading

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Bedecked with Birds

Trees decorated with spring budding green-leafed, waving in windbursts, stretching tall dotted with oriole jewels that glimmer and shine in the Sunday sun   (Day 29: 1 subject 30 ways #metaphorpoem)

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City Birds: A found poem lifted from the lines of Amy Kennedy, KQED Perspectives 4/27/18

  not all city birds are scavengers thriving in man-made jungles   outside my window black phoebe calls wake up in its two-note dawn chorus   mockingbirds and mourning doves perched and hidden, hopping and chirping remind me that nature … Continue reading

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EPA Refrain

Power lines are deadly To millions of birds each year Oil spills and wind turbines too That’s why there’s a hundred-years law on the books A treaty protecting each eagle and wren   Birdlovers unite to uphold the law being … Continue reading

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Daydreaming, Springtime

  What if our souls were birds?   What if our spirits took flight?   What if our days went on for always?   Forever…   These are the wanderings of a restless mind   Wishing for sunlight, listening to … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the Pigeons at Lotta’s Fountain

I know it’s probably exciting What with all the voices and traffic noises The dodging in and out of doorways The fast food smells and bus exhaust Time must pass quickly day to day As all those hurrying feet move … Continue reading

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Tossed From the Nest

The first time I rescued a bird I was eight years old Playing tag in Joey Hughes’ yard`   I stopped when he yelled freeze Looked down at my feet And there, beside my scuffed Keds A nearly naked bird … Continue reading

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