Before Shavasana

There’s an empty field behind our house

every morning it comes alive

welcoming a gaggle of leggy geese

honking their sun salutations


same gaggle every day

same time too

they swoop in all at once – a goosey cacophony

interrupting my reverie

but then the most remarkable thing –

they stand in a circle of prayer

practicing their mindfulness

a birdlike tadasana


I stand at the window transfixed

then imitate their still-life pose

greeting the morning in peace

ready to take on the day


(Day 23: 1 subject 30 ways #strikingwordspoem)

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Two Worlds

Leaving the city

We descended the metal stairway

To the train

Passed a flock of sooty pigeons

Pacing back and forth across stained cement

Scavenging for food – half-eaten French fry, dropped chip

Alongside a homeless man


Back at home, drink in hand

I sat in the garden to read

Surrounded by

A burst of new-bloomed roses

And a tangle of wisteria

My own private Eden-

Serenaded by songbirds

Splashing in the birdbath, dining on premium seed


The world is inconsistent

And we don’t choose our fate

A lesson from the birds


On a sunny Sunday date


(Day 22: 1 subject 30 ways #messageendingpoem)

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Evolution of Thought

It’s a scientific fact

dinosaurs sported feathers first

evolving into birds of flight

that grace our skies today


And science proclaims thousands

of different species

every color shape and size

flying over mountaintops and oceans

riding winds of change


I may not be religious

but it’s surely more than science

that pulls each bird back toward home

after traveling the world


It’s surely more than science

that compels those swallows

to return

with precision every year

on the feast day of St Joseph,

patron saint of immigrants,

defender of the poor


There’s a secret waiting in each egg

that hatches into being

an age-old hidden mystery

or maybe it’s divine –

the scientific secret code

directing every heart that beats

Forever, throughout time


(Day 21: 1 subject 30 ways #sciencepoem)

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Backyard Battle

There is a battle brewing

Between the feathers and the fur


Our birdfeeder’s hung to feed the birds

The squirrels hang out below


Birds perch there to eat their fill

Squirrels don’t wait their turn


Birds fly off in hungry frenzy

Squirrels take their place and gorge


Why do I nurture my feathered friends

But so resent the rodent crew?


(Day 20: 1 subject 30 days #backandforthpoem)

A note on today’s poem – I found this the most challenging one this month – couldn’t seem to find the right words or rhythm.

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is made of energy

He runs on excess air

Flying through the house and yard

Never quiet, never still


I pull him next to me and point

Out the window to a tree

Where still as still can be

Sits a ruby-throated hummingbird

Still-life painting on the leafy branch


 At first we thought it must be a leaf

Maybe mirage or figment

No bird could stay so still


Just like the miracle of the boy beside me there

Frozen in time

Watching with wonder

The bird stayed put for near an hour

And so did we


(Day 19: 1 subject 30 ways #openinglinepoem)

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A Snowy Egret lives in the creek beside my office.
Sometimes he sits alone on the fence.
Sometimes he stands by the water’s edge.
Sometimes I see him flying, white wings open, still.
I read once that some believe it’s good luck to spot an egret in flight.
They say that egrets will take your worries and carry them away.
I feel that hopeful spirit in my soul today.
Waiting, watching for my Snowy Egret to reappear.
Watching, waiting for him to soar overhead,                                                                                  my worries resting on his graceful open wings.

(Day 18: 1 subject 30 ways #repetitionpoem)

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Safeway parking lot

early morning, almost light

lone duck waddle-wanders

between the lines

across the vast,

through sudden puddles –

aimless and unhurried

while we rush past


(Day 17: 1 Subject 30 Ways #settingpoem)

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