A rallying cry


The sky grows darker day by day

The ghosts cry out their warning

We’re past the point of no return and idly standing by

Speak up, speak out, shout out the truth

Or forever hold our peace, our lives, our liberty in chains

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Of thee I sing



The sky is threatening rain today

this day after the day after the day after

still I travel on

aimlessly passing strangers hugging signs and sorrows

heads down

eyes hooded,

lost in our collective quiet shame


In fading afternoon light

I pass a cemetery of the revolution

where thin and fragile tombstones

draped in dropped November leaves

stand as witness to our history,

America the Beautiful lies buried here

lost and restless deep below


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Friday Benediction

A little kindness today please

A little big picture thinking

A little love your neighbor as yourself

It shouldn’t be that hard. We’re all in this together.


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Poetry in Motion


Pavement slick with oily puddles

and storm-battered leaves

Rain day race begins

parents and principals slip and slide

while a crush of kids blast past

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Collective Memoir, Inspired by Miss Amy K.R.

We are nine well-traveled women sitting in a circle in a stranger’s backyard

at the top of a late-summer hill

reflecting on the world we left behind for a day

feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude

and appreciation for this moment

in this wonderful, and sometimes too chaotic life


All have walked on distant beaches,

felt the sand between our toes

stood at the base of a giant redwood

cooked with color, exercised our bodies and our minds

and read books that have changed us


We’ve felt the power of first love,

said I love you in the moment

held someone’s hand through sorrow

shared uncontrollable laughter

and gone road tripping


We’ve all found ourselves lost at times

but today we are found,

feeling a powerful connection to nature, the great outdoors

and something greater than ourselves

our lives now intertwined, new friendships cultivated by a local bookseller

and a belief in that simple truth, revealed by Anne Frank,

that people are really good at heart

despite everything


by Marie, Donna, Theresa, Jami, Sharron, Sheri, Susie, Dianne, Kathy

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The View From Here


Bella Vista

What a beautiful view it is

here at the top of the world

where our history began, where our future is waiting


Take a moment and take it all in,

from the outside

these vast rolling hills,

this magnificent view changed in the moment, right before our eyes

It’s so hard to imagine what once was when we roll back the years

Can you picture it? These hills that we call ours, belonged to someone else, long ago

The land calls out a litany of names Bernal, Norris, Fallon, Fremont, Vallejo, Harlan, Amador, Dougherty,

Trailblazers all




They claimed this valley floor that we call home,

a settlement at the crossroads of time and history built in this wild open space where we now stand, ready to call it our own

Our San Ramon Valley, Our Beautiful View


Take a moment and take it all in

from the inside

walk through the hallways

take in the power of unleashed potential that resides here

in the hearts and the minds of the students and teachers

who will call this site their home away from home

surrounded by care-givers, lovers of learning

sharing words that matter and deeds that encourage


Today is a day to celebrate and commemorate

and dedicate this place in the hills,

this magnificent future built on our dreams for our children so they can learn and play and laugh and grow strong and know that everything old is new once again

here in San Ramon Valley,

Our Bella Vista, Our Beautiful View

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insteadLord knows, I should be working. I brought home boxes of things that have to be sorted, organized, input. I have 9 essays to read and comment upon. A speech Monday, then a poem. A class Thursday. And school starts for real this week.

But here I am, sitting in the yard, reading the advanced reader copy of Amy’s new book. Drinking tea. Feeding the birds. Smelling the roses.

Glorious Saturday. Why should I be inside, bent over the computer, wishing I could be relaxing in the sun? Why should I be anywhere but here?



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